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Sablefish (lat. Anoplopoma fimbria) belongs to the rayfin class and is the only one in the family of anoplopomae. It lives in the North Pacific Ocean, in Kamchatka, Kuril Islands, Honshu, Alaska. It leads a deep-water lifestyle.

 It has several names: the Japanese call it butterfish, in Alaska they call it black or blue cod, Americans call it sablefish.

 However, the official name “anoplopoma” was acquired due to the colour: back scales are black with a tinge of blue, its sides are brighter and the abdomen is silvery. The head is of a normal form, the 'face' has two nostrils and a mouth has very sharp teeth. The life period can reach 65 years.

 It is a predator, which eats capelin, herring, flounder, jellyfish, cuttlefish, etc. The fish itself is a favorite food of whales, killer whales.

 The maximum body length is 120 sm, the weight is up to 14 kg. Fishing is at a depth from 300 to 2500 m.

Thanks to the excellent taste and the meat that is tender, soft, delicious, it is used for cooking various dishes. In Japan, it us popular in a raw type. In addition, it is good in a smoked and salted version: fatty meat is perfectly suitable for processing, keeping nutritional properties. It contains proteins; and total lack of carbohydrates make it easily digested, nutritious, and give forces.