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Rock trout

Rock trout (lat. Hexagrammidae) is a rockfish of the rock trout family. There are 5 main types with lots of species: toothy, scratchy, American, red, Japanese, striped, spotted, etc.

 It lives in the Bering, Okhotsk, Japan seas, Kamchatka, Commander and Aleutian Islands.

 The appearance is exotic: a long body with horizontal stripes and a large crest behind a head -a continuous dorsal fin, which in some species is divided by a deep gap. The length is approximately 50-60 cm, the weight is up to 2 kg, sometimes larger. It lives at the bottom near the shore in flocks. It spends winters at depths of up to 250 m.

 Rock trout is a predator, which eats plankton, small fish, invertebrates, as well as crabs, squids and octopuses.

Rock trouts spawn in autumn. A male chooses a place and saves it waiting for a female, then keeps an eye on the caviar for 3 weeks. They prefer stones, rocks, shelves and crevices.