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Mackerel (lat. Scomber) belongs to the mackerel family. Another name is a scomber. There exist four types: Japanese (blue), Atlantic (typical), African and Australian. Names related to habitats. Fish are similar physiologically and behaviorally.

The fish is not big: a maximum length is 60 cm, but fishing objects are much less-up to 30 cm with a weight of 400-600 g (the record is 1.6 kg). The back is usually green or blue-green with a beautiful pattern: cross-section strips form a visible pattern that distinguishes from others. It is interesting that all species have a swimming bladder, except Atlantic - it is capable of sudden moving from the bottom to the surface at the top speed of 80 km/h for 2 seconds!

The fish sticks to places with water temperature not below 6 degrees C, which explains long migrations: In winter, mackerel goes to depth and keeps a non-active lifestyle.

Mackerel eats plankton and small fish. It is food for dolphins and birds.

The meat is valuable throughout the world, as it is a source of easily digestible protein and amino acids, fatty acids, improving blood flow, brain activity, prevention of cardiovascular diseases and receiving a daily dose of potassium, magnesium, iodine, vitamins.