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Cramp-fish (lat. Batoidea) belongs to the class of cartilaginous fishes (a skeleton consists not of bones, but of cartilage). There exist different types of cramp-fish. Closest relatives are sharks.

Cramp-fish are found in all the oceans of the planet, even in the tropics and Arctic and Antarctic. They live near the shore, and at a depth - up to 3000 m, the sizes are from 1-2 cm to 6-7 m. They lead mostly a bottom lifestyle, which is the reason for a body composition: it is flat, with gills on the abdomen, pectoral fins are joined together with the head. Cramp-fish are fascinatingly beautiful in water: spreading their “wings”, they swim above the bottom in search of food. Due to the fact that the eyes are located at the top and the mouth is at the bottom, animals cannot see their food, only smell it with nostrils. On the head there are special holes for breathing from beneath sand, in which animals hide while hunting.

Near the coast of the far East there can be found about 7 species of cramp-fish. The biggest is considered a scat-fish, often called a Sea cat. It can reach 2 m in length. Fishing, however, is usually aimed at armored cramp-fish (gray) and Berga cramp-fish (brown). In Russia, the demand on this fish is small, but Asian countries enthusiastically use this fish both fresh and thermally treated for eating.