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Pacific herring

Pacific herring (lat. Clupea Harengus Palasi) belongs to the herring family, lives in the Pacific Ocean, has a twin brother - Atlantic herring, which lives in the Atlantic Ocean.

 It leads an active lifestyle, spends most of the time in motion. It lives in schools, if for some reason it is separated, it gets into panics, stops to eat and dies.

 The fish has an elongated body with an olive back and silvery sides. The length sometimes comes to 50 cm, the weight is up to 1 kg, but an ordinary fish is smaller - 20-30 cm, 500-700 gr. Herrings spawn close to the shore (8-10 m), the movement begins in advance under the ice. There is a clear gradation: first, the most senior representatives spawn over, then middle-aged herrings and only in the third set young females have the possibility to spawn.

Herrings eat crustaceans, plankton and other fish.

It is caught in Canada, the USA, Japan and Russia. Herring is recommended for athletes: there is a lot of digestible protein, enough fat to maintain strength, energy, and no carbohydrates. There is a great variety of dishes with herring. This fish is well-known and loved all over the world.