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Saury (lat. Cololabis saíra) is a ray-finned fish of the saury family. It lives in the Japan and Okhotsk seas (Kamchatka, Kuril Islands, Alaska), Korea, Japan and Mexico.

 There are several subspecies depending on the places of living: Pacific, Japanese and Atlantic. They have different lifestyles and appearance, but the meat is identical.

 Saury has an elongated body with a highly visible lateral line and little scales. Its head is small, the lower jaw is pushed forward, the back is greenish and the sides are silvery. It reaches 40 cm long, with a very low weight (200-400 gr).

 Sauries prefer deep waters - depth from 10 to 200 m. In autumn, they migrate southward, northward - in spring. They eat crustaceans, molluscs, roes of other fishes. The meat often has a greenish tint – the reason is marine plankton, which colours the internal organs of sauries.

 The fish lives in schools, which makes catching much easier. Season catching is done with traps and fishing nets. This fish is loved all over Russia due to well-known dishes with this product: soups, salads, snacks and pastes.