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Arrowtooth halibut

Arrowtooth halibut (lat. Atheresthes evermanni) belongs to flounders; it lives in the North Pacific Ocean: the Okhotsk, the Japan, the Bering seas.

 The body length is from 45 to 70 sm, the weight is 1-3 kg. 

 It is a flat fish, like all flounders, with eyes on one side, large arrow-shaped teeth in a couple of rows on each jaw and two nostrils on both sides. The both parts of the body is covered with a lateral line. The fish is covered with grey-brown scales; the abdomen is traditionally of a yellowish shade.

 It prefers cold water: from -3 up to +10 degrees Celsius. It leads a bottom lifestyle: the ground can be rocky or clay, or sandy. Halibuts live in large flocks. In summer, they inhabit a coastal area (25 m deep), in winter they return to depth up to 1200 m.

 Halibuts eat squids, octopuses, and shrimps.

They spawn in different periods: in the Bering Sea from November to February, in the Okhotsk sea from August to December. It is interesting, that the larvae have spikes above eyes and gills, which differs this fish from others.

The life period is 20-25 years, sometimes up to 30.