Fishery Items

Black halibut (lat. Reinhardtius hippoglossoides) belongs to the flatfish family, which lives in the North Pacific and is most commonly found in the Bering Sea. Also, fishing takes place in the Barents, Okhotsk Seas and adjoining territories, as well as in the Atlantic Ocean near Greenland.

 The fish lives at depths of 600-800 m, sometimes rises into mid-waters (300 m) for prey or during summer. It prefers cold water.

 It looks typical of flatfish: a flat body, eyes are on one side, black with a light abdomen. The length can reach 130 cm, and the weight - 15 kg, but fishing objects often have more modest dimensions - 70 cm and 4-6 kg. It is noteworthy that in the first year of life the fish grows up to 15-20 cm and doubles in a year and a half. The life period is about 20-25 years.

Halibut is a predator. It eats fish, big crustaceans and crabs, molluscs.

Its white fillet contains 16% fat, 13% protein, 196 kcal / 100 g. product. In spring, the meat is fatter than in summer, very tender and a bit watery, so before cooking, it is better to wrap it in paper, which absorbs excess moisture.