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Marine perch

Marine perch (lat. Sebastes) is the sort of fish consisting of 110 types, belonging to the rockfish family, having an external similarity to river individuals, however strongly differing on the internal structure, the way of life and belonging to another group.

The body length varies from 20 up to 100 sm depending on a type; the weight is from several grams up to 20 kg.

There are both coastal and deep-water perches (up to 3 000 m). More often, this fish has a bottom way of life, but some types prefer existence in thick waters, and they make long enough migrations. Perches live 50-100 years.

They eat plankton, crustaceans, and different invertebrates. Perches feed hunting: they hide in seaweeds and suddenly attack in a suitable moment. Fins are poisonous both for marine inhabitants and for people.

Tasty white meat has caused an industrial fishing of marine perches. The fillet is fat enough, but contains only 79 kcal /100 g, so it is a dietary product. It contains many useful vitamins, minerals, acids, affecting brains and heart work.