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Navaga (lat. Eleginus gracilis) is a fish of the cod family, which received the huge popularity among the inhabitants of the Far Eastern region. It lives in the Okhotsk, Japan, Chukchi, Bering seas. It likes cold water, lives near the coast mainly on the bottom. Feels good not only in seawater, but also in fresh waters, where it comes during spawning.

 It looks usual: the trunk is of the olive color with standard fins and a tail. An adult fish is not less than 14 cm, its weight is up to 1 kg.

 Navaga eats worms, crustaceans, offspring and roes of other fishes. Navaga is food for many predators that makes it hide, for example, in the dome of jellyfish, or mask in seaweeds and stones.

 It spawns from December to February, in the sand near the shore, at a depth of not more than 10 m.

The meat has no fat, many amino acids, and iodine. It is a dietary product.