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Capelin (lat. Mallotus villosus) is a small fish of the smelt family with an olive green back and silvery sides. It is spread in the North Atlantic and Pacific oceans. The second name is chaplain.

 The fish is rather small: the trunk is not more than 25 cm, the total weight is 50 g. It is covered with small scales; males have stripes on the sides, resembling bristle.

 Capelins live in schools, mostly in mid-water and upper layers - from 300 to 700 m. Before reproduction they come to the shore. Spawning may occur in spring, summer and autumn. An interesting fact is that under the influence of strong wind the fish is often beat to the coast, thus, the whole coastal line can be covered with a layer of discarded capelins.

 Being very loved in Japan, along with rice and tortillas it is a very popular dish. Fish is good dried, smoked and fried, as a cold snack.  In Russia, canned capelin is popular; it is a nutritious dish. However, it is more useful in fresh and frozen types.