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Whiptail (lat. Macrourus) is a fish of the cod family, it lives in the waters of the Atlantic, Indian, and Pacific oceans at depths of 150 to 2000 m. It likes rather low temperatures.

 It looks very unusual, similar to original prehistoric curiosities: large head with bulging eyes, two sharp dorsal fins, the body from the middle strongly tapers towards the tail, that is the reason why fishermen nicknamed it “rattail”. It can be gray, gray-brown, brown and black.

 Fishing is conducted primarily in Denmark, Germany, Poland and Russia.

 Whiptail meat, liver and caviar are suitable for eating. The chemical composition and taste of the caviar are very similar to salmon one.

Cooking whiptail needs skills. Before cooking, the fish should be defrozen without using a microwave or hot water to not spoil gentle fillet. It possesses aqueous structure, so it can become less and dry while frying. Before frying, it is recommended to absorb wet with a napkin.