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Red crab

Red crab or Japanese deep-sea crab (lat. Chionoecetes japonicus) is named in connection with the habitat (sea of Japan), as well as with a bright red color. It can be found near the coast of Primorye, Japan and Korea. The most numerous populations are concentrated at depths of 700 m to 2300 m, but sparse chains are met from 100 m.

 This crab is not big; the carapace diameter is from 9 to 18 cm, the weight is about 0.5 kilogram. Males and females develop at about the same rate; they reach sexual maturity in one age. The only difference is that after the final molt a male changes its claws – they become wide and more functional (to protect from enemies and extract food).

 They lead a bottom lifestyle, eat snails and crustaceans. Red crabs migrations are not logic: they are chaotic, not seasonal. Studies have shown that populations can travel from 10 to 50 km, including from fishing vessels: after a short catch on the local area, the number of large mature males is sharply reduced.

 Catching of this crab began in the 1940s, but regular fishing was initiated only to 1970s.

The image of red crab is very often used in Japan on packaging of chips, salads, noodles and other products.