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Tanner crab

Tanner crab lives in the Pacific Ocean: a population is concentrated in the Olutorskiy Gulf and near the coast of Kamchatka. This crab loves warm waters: 2-3 degrees are enough. It prefers soft ground – silty or sandy, because it is easy to hide from enemies or to camouflage while hunting. For this reason, to meet this crab on a rocky bottom or in reefs is impossible. It lives both in shallow and deep waters (fishing is conducted at a depth of 50 to 250 m). It does not migrate.

 The crab is light brown with red eyes. After molting is becomes slightly pearl with a white abdomen. Its limbs are short, oval, flattened. It has prickly, sharp spines that help the crab to survive on a chosen territory. A male carapace diameter is up to 18 cm, a female diameter is up to 12 cm. The weight is about 1 kg. Like other species, it eats molluscs, crustaceans, carrion.

 Crabmeat is a valuable source of protein; it is a low-calorie and dietary product with a specific smell and taste. It is good as a separate dish or as an ingredient for many dishes.