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Triangle tanner crab

Triangle tanner crab lives in the Bering and Okhotsk seas, very rarely can be found in the Sea of Japan, at a depth of 800-2000 m, comfortable for this animal.

 Externally it is flatter than other members of the family: a carapace and limbs are relatively thin, limbs are smooth, without thorns, closer to a head, and the number of thorns increases in equal proportions on all sides. A carapace diameter is 14-16 cm, the weight is 450-700 g. A body is covered with chitin, which forms an outer skeleton.

 The colour varies from pinkish-red to brick brown. Eyes are brown.

 Nutrition mainly consists of molluscs, worms and algae. Also, eat carrion. Sometimes in stomachs the remains of needle-sea urchins or stars can be found.

They have seasonal moulting, after which they spawn: a male holds a female with a claw that looks very touching, as if he protects her and carries on 'hands'.

 Crabs are valuable not only because of the meat; their liver is also considered a great delicacy, particular in Japan and other Asian countries.