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Thorn crab

Thorn crab (lat. Paralithodes brevipes) inhabits the Northeast Pacific, the coast of Kamchatka, Sakhalin, the Kuril Islands at depths up to 25 m. It is found not only in salt, but also and fresh water. They do not migrate and spend all the life in shallow waters, close to the shore.

 It looks like splendid: a red-orange carapace is covered with thorns; it helps to protect from enemies and a big right claw helps to get food. A carapace diameter can reach 13 cm, both for males and females. It is a predator, which eats plankton, larvae and small molluscs.

 There is no special catching focused on this species: the crab lives on rugged stony plots that complicates the work of industrial equipment. This fact causes a number of problems for nets and vessels. This crab is caught with other crustaceans or salmons, as it lives at the mouth of rivers, and fresh sea parts.

 It is interesting, that the meat of this species is more delicate than, for example, of the King crab. It does not breaks into fibers and has a sweeter taste, while being a dietary low-calorie product.