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Smallmouth smelt

Smallmouth smelt (lat. Hypomesus olidus) is a small fish of the smelt family. Its body length is 15 cm. It inhabits both fresh and saline waters in connection with which there are several forms: lake, lake-river and through (smelts migrate in winter from lakes to rivers, in summer they return the same way).

 The fish has an elongated body, silvery sides, a black back, two small fins and a small mouth with small blunt teeth, totally covered with small black spots.

 In Russia, it is found in the Northeast, mainly in Kamchatka and Sakhalin. It lives in deep waters, eats plankton, crustaceans, insects. Smelts spawn in rivers, starting from the end of May. Caviar is put in coarse sand or pebble, as well as in ground vegetation. Before spawning, they live in schools, after - alone, aged individuals live in depth and youth swims in shallow waters. The life period is 5-6 years (2-3 years are considered an adult period).

 It is a valuable species. The meat has valuable nutritious properties and an excellent taste. Despite small sizes smelt has won the love of many inhabitants of the Far East, Russia and the whole world.