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Far Eastern flounder

Far Eastern flounder is the collective name of several species of fish inhabiting the territory of the Russian Far East. They all belong to the flatfish and lead mostly a bottom lifestyle in the coastal area and at a reasonable depth of the waters of the Pacific Ocean. They have the characteristic features of the body structure: a flat shape and eyes on one side (often right, but there are individuals and with left-sided physiology). The colour varies depending on the habitat, but the abdomen remains light – it has little pigment. This appearance is caused by a lifestyle and shifting in accordance with the surrounding terrain.

 Depending on the species, the size of flounders ranges from 25 to 100 cm, from 200 g to 4 kg.

 It is interesting, that caviar of flounder has no fat drops, so easily rises to the surface of water, the larvae develop gradually, feeding on crustaceans, and eventually fall into the ground. Adult fish eat ground small fish and small spineless animals.

It is a valuable object of fishing: an annual catch is millions of tons worldwide. The meat is valued for its softness and succulence, it contains a lot of vitamins and amino acids, minerals, iodine, as well as a balanced protein, which promotes a decrease of cholesterol, prevents from cancer. Systematic consumption of flounder improves growth of nails and hair, strengthens teeth and has a rejuvenating effect on skin. Some studies claim that the fish fillet contains specific micronutrients that affect potency.