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Commander squid

Commander squid (lat. Berryteuthis magister) is a headfoot mollusc having an oblong body with tentacles in front, allowing moving at a great speed in mid-waters. It lives in the Bering, Okhotsk, Japan Seas. It eats big plankton and small fish.

 Females are typically larger than males. The largest individuals reach 40 cm in length with a weight of up to 2.5 kg. A medium-sized squid is 25-30 cm and 1-1, 5 kg.

 The life period is short - just two years. Mature individuals adhere to the bottom and raise upper only at night. Young squids prefer to be at the surface. Squid is an important element of the food chain: it is the food for many fish, birds, as well as whales and sea lions.

 Catching is allowed during migration (March-July, September-January) in one place: the Pacific side of the Kuril Islands, where there are the abundance of rocks and a very uneven terrain, which makes extraction difficult and sometimes dangerous, but there is no choice, as the of individuals are protected by the Commander Reserve.

Squid is a real delicacy product, favourite both in Asia and in Europe. Dishes with squid are found in all the world's cuisines in a variety of forms, including as an ingredient for salads, hot dishes and even pizza.