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Bartram squid

Bartram squid (lat. Ommastrephes bartrami) inhabits waters of the Pacific ocean from the Kuril Islands to Taiwan. This is a rather large species (16-30 cm, up to 1300 kg), leading a bottom-pelagic lifestyle: in the daytime, it can be seen only at great depths, near the bottom, but at night, extracting food squid often hunts at the very surface. The food is predominantly small fish, but also crustaceans, molluscs, worms, and even their own posterity.

 A characteristic feature of the animal is the ability to fly. This kind of squids picks up water in the mantle and then emits it under pressure. The result is a good flying for distances up to 30 m at a speed of 11 m/s. This is due to the environment: squid releases ink, disorienting a predator, and flies away, protecting its short but eventful life (animals die after spawning).

 Fishing takes place in autumn, when squids migrate to warmer water. They are caught using bright light.

Unlike other marine creatures, squid has no fish smell; therefore, it is suitable for people with certain gastronomic habits. It is interesting, that the smaller an individual is, the more gentle its meat is. Squid does not contain any cholesterol and fat, is rich in fiber, phosphorus, iron, potassium, etc. Regular use assists a proper metabolism.