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Humpback salmon

Humpback salmon (lat. Oncorhynchus gorbuscha) is a fish of the salmon family; it is the smallest but the most common in the genus. Sometimes it is called pink salmon.

It loves both marine and fresh water, but cold: -5-15 degrees C and at temperatures above 23 degrees C it dies. It lives in waters of the Pacific and Arctic oceans, can be found in some rivers of America, Canada, South Korea.

 By the colour it is easy to identify the period of life: before spawning it is light blue, after spawning it is silver-grey with white or yellow, rarely with green abdomen.

Humpback salmon lives in cycles: in July it comes into rivers for spawning, the female digs a hole with a tail, in August it spawns. In November caviar appears. After spawning, the fish dies.

Humpback salmon is full of fibers, vitamins, amino acids. Low-fat gentle meat is perfect for diet dishes: 150 kcal / 100 gr. Also, here there are fat acids that adjust a level of sugar in blood and are an excellent antioxidant that assists good growth of hair, nails, teeth and strengthens the immune system.