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Anchovy (lat. Engraulis) is a sea fish inhabiting coastal waters of both hemispheres. They are never out in the open ocean, but not near the shore, they love mid-waters with a comfortable temperature (from 6 to 22 degrees C).

There are 8 different types of anchovies: European (Hamsa), Japanese, Peruvian, Californian, silvery, Argentine, Cape and Australian, but all are similar, both in appearance, behavior and the way of life.

 They do not look remarkable: small, silvery or whitish with small fins (which help to develop a considerable speed in case of danger). A characteristic feature is a huge mouth, which goes far beyond eyes.

 The length of an adult anchovy reaches 15-20 cm, and the weight of a few dozen of grams. Despite its small size, this fish occurs very frequently in the world's oceans. It plays a huge role in the food chain: is food for dolphins, squids, predatory fish and seabirds.

 It is a very convenient object for catching. Products of anchovy is vast and delicious: fat fillet, and canned food, and an ingredient of many dishes (especially in Asia), as well as fodder flour, a fertilizer for fields, a bait for catching tuna and food for cultured fish.

 The only continent where it is impossible to find this wonderful fish is Antarctica.