Our vessels


  • Crew: 90 persons
  • Instruments of catching: a ground trawl, a trawl of variable depth
  • Engine Capacity (kw): 3 200
  • Length/width/height of the board (m): 85,70 / 15,90 / 10,00
  • Capacity total/pure: 3861 / 1158
  • Place and time of construction: Poland, Gdansk, 1986
  • Port of registration: Vladivostok

Function: a fishing vessel, the biggest of all fishing vessels of the company. Works in the Okhotsk, the Bering and the Japanese seas. The main fishery items are pollack, Pacific herring, squid; also, whiptail, halibut, cod, flounder, bullhead and other types of fish. Catching takes place all the year round. The maximal daily quantity of fish can reach 200 tons, and special equipment on board the ship allows processing, so, it is possible to have up to 150 tons of frozen goods, ready for selling.

Ирина 03 March 2016

у меня муж там был на антур и не чего плохого я не могу сказать и условия норм и с з\п не обидели!!)))