Cod stomachs

Cod is well-known around the world: meaty boneless fillet, vitaminous liver, delicious caviar; all these are very nutritious and are used for industrial needs. This fish is unique, as it can be consumed from the head to the tail. The body length is up to 1.5 m, so inner organs are also very large. For example, there are cases when different things (mobile phones, small sea animals, clothes or shoes) were found inside cod stomachs. It is not surprising, that stomachs are processed separately. In Iceland they stuff stomachs with liver, making sausages. In Portugal they salt and pickle them, getting a nice snack. In China they eat spicy stomachs with sour-sweet sauce.

Cod stomachs are also a good fertilizer, food for fish and cattle. A large quantity of fiber and almost absence of fat accelerate growth of plants and animals, giving all necessary vitamins and minerals.