Eviscerated sablefish

Sablefish, called black cod, really looks like cod, but belongs to a different family of rockfish. It is also called butterfish, because of its thick, fat, white fillet, having wet shine. Taste and nutrition properties of meat do not concede to salmon meat, it has a high cost and is served in the best restaurants worldwide. Small population of individuals causes the fact that the demand exceeds the supply. However, today in Canada and the United States, there are farms where 'black cod' is successfully grown in artificial conditions and exported.

 It is sold eviscerated, headless, frozen with a size from 30 to 100 cm, caught in the Pacific Ocean. Thanks to the excellent taste and gentle fillet, which melts on the tongue, leaving a light sea taste, it is used for cooking various dishes. In Japan, it us popular in a raw type. Also, it is good in a smoked and salted version: fatty meat is perfectly suitable for processing, keeping nutritional properties. Of course, the fish is very caloric (200 kcal /100 g of product), so consuming should be dosed and not for everybody, however, a high content of proteins and total lack of carbohydrates make it easily digested, nutritious, and give forces.