Eviscerated cod

Eviscerated, headless, frozen cod is a great product not only for domestic consumption, but also for budgetary institutions: schools, kindergartens, hospitals, etc. The fish is easy for processing and cooking: small scales are easy to clean, and the skin can be stewed along with filet - it also contains useful liquid and vitamins. Meat is tender, juicy, boneless, and rich in microelements and minerals, it can withstand any heat treatment; it is enough to add spices and vegetables to get a nutritious dish. Cod does not stand adding citruses, spicy sauces, cheese, as it can lose its unique flavour.

 Meat of this fish is a concentrated protein, therefore can be stored without processing longer than any other species even if defrozen. Fillet contains phosphorus and calcium 40 times more than, for example, dried apricots and raisins. Among other microelements, there is biotin that promotes good metabolism, which is very important for children, postoperative patients, pregnant women and elderly people.