Headless rock trout

Rock trout is a beautiful striped fish with a continuous dorsal fin, it has tasty fatty meat, which can easily ne processed both at home and at factories. Is a valuable fish.

 The rock trout family includes 12 species, some of which can reach 150 cm in length and weigh more than 30 kg. But in shops it is possible to find individuals not more than 30-50 cm.

 Frozen headless rock trout has all the nutrients and nutritional properties of the just caught fish. Quality is determined by the appearance: skin integrity, thickness, a size, a smell, a colour and a place of catching.

 For a frozen semi-finished product all cooking ways are available: it turns out a rich broth for soups, an excellent second course, it is a spicy component for sauces or salads, an appetizer, a pate, etc. The meat has a pleasant sweet taste that you can diversify with herbs, spices and even a lemon, which reveals this fish. The best way of cooking is frying with nuts, mushrooms and cream.