Ivasi herring

Ivasi herring is often called a sardine – the fish belongs to the herring family, but refers to sardines, so both names are true and correct.

 In Soviet times, this product was incredibly popular: fresh, salted, canned, and pickled – it could be found in shops in any variant. However, to 90 years due to overfishing, the species almost completely disappeared from the shops. Today, the situation is aligned, but still lower than thirty years ago. However, the unique taste of childhood has returned and is now available to everyone: ivasi herring can be found as a frozen semi-finished product of a small size (13-17 cm). The trunk should be eviscerated, scaled and cooked on your own: salting or pickling at home, adding to salads and snacks. Fresh fillet is used for traditional the Korean snack 'Heh', which is made from raw fish.

 Frozen prefabricated ivasi is often included in the diet recommended for athletes: there is a lot of digestible protein, enough fat to maintain strength and energy and no carbohydrates; 150 kcal / 100 g.