Cod liver

Cod is a unique fish, all parts of which can be processed: fillet, a liver, caviar, stomachs, heads are used in both for gastronomic and for industrial needs.

 A cod liver represents the most interesting part, as it is an excellent 'collector' of fat (in comparison with fish meat): 70% of fat are concentrated here, as well as polyunsaturated fatty acids, vitamins A, B, D. Hated by many people, but very useful 'fish oil' is made just from this sub-product. Often the liver is canned right in the sea, preserving all the nutrients for a consumer, or is just frozen, and then the product turns into a great raw material for medical and pharmacological needs. This product gives a possibility to produce products with high content of the vitamin A, as well as fish oil capsules, which are used for prevention and treatment of many diseases. In addition, it promotes cleaning of a body in general. Dietary supplements with a high content of the vitamin A can be taken every day, therefore skin and sight will improve, hair will have some certain shine and nails will be strengthened.