Black halibut without a tail

Halibut black is the most common type offered for sale. It is a valuable species and an important component of the diet of any human being - unsurpassed taste qualities, combined with a mass of useful features made it famous throughout the world. The fish is loved not only in Russia, but also in Japan, Mexico, the United States, Portugal, and France. It is difficult to find a country that would not like this fat, but at the same time dietary product.

 Frozen halibut without a head and a tail is approximately 70-100 cm in length. The meat with a pleasant sweet taste is useful for many organs and systems of the human body: frequent use of the fillet can take toxins and slags out, normalize metabolism, relieve from arrhythmia, cure anemia, improve a mental activity, as well as prevent from formation of blood clots and slow down aging. Also, halibut is able to fight with cancer cells that certainly makes this fish much more valuable.

Frozen black halibut without a head and a tail can be cooked any way: frying, boiling, stewing, etc. The best way of cooking is baking. Elastic thick fillet allows making tender cutlets with the unique sea flavour.