Halibut without a tail

Pacific halibut is the largest representative of its family and the most delicious. This fish is an important and valuable product for more than four centuries! The fact is that halibut meat is a fount of vitamins needed for normal functioning of the human organism, in addition, fillet is fatty, nutritious; it can be cooked at home or industrial places. Smoked, pickled, fried, stewed, baked – any version keeps its excellent taste.

Eviscerated frozen headless halibut is a great product for any holiday or celebration: it is possible to feed 15 persons with one fish. The meat can not only serve as a separate dish, but is also used as hot and cold starters,  is added to salads and pies, good for cutlets, as well as eaten raw, as do the Japanese, making sushi or sashimi. There are many vitamins that strengthen the immune system, protecting it against external infections, cancer and Alzheimer's disease; and a folic acid, which is not produced in an organism. A wonderful sweet taste, boneless tender fillet, fat white meat in combination with all useful properties make this fish a real marvel of nature available to mankind.