Pacific halibut is the largest representative of its family. Individuals can reach 5 meters long weighing up to 350 kg. Of course, such large fish cannot be found in shops. Usually it is possible to buy eviscerated fish trunks suitable for processing. The skin can be removed because the fillet is sufficiently dense. Nevertheless, even the skin in this wonderful fish contains useful nutrients, so it can be eaten. Bones are quite large and easily removed.

 There are more than 1,000 recipes with halibut, the main thing is not to 'kill' a wonderful slightly sweetish taste and not to let watery meat become dry. The fish can be grilled, deep-fried, or baked. When frying it absorbs oil very well, so calories increase almost 4 times. The best ways are baking or stewing with vegetables, mushrooms, cream or sour cream that will keep the splendid tender, slightly sweet taste and a marine flavour.

 Eviscerated frozen headless halibut is a great product for any holiday or celebration: it is possible to feed 15 persons with one fish. The meat can not only serve as a separate dish, but is also used as hot and cold starters,  is added to salads and pies, good for cutlets, as well as eaten raw, as do the Japanese, making sushi or sashimi.