Eviscerated grouper

Grouper is a large, tasty fish with fat meat and rich taste. It can compete with salmons and pouts not conceding either in size or in useful properties.

 Sharp rays of fins are poisonous enough, thy can cause pain, inflammation and even local paralysis, so it is processed on a ship immediately after catching by specially trained people. It is sold eviscerated, headless, frozen. Prefabricated grouper has a bright fish taste, but almost no smell unlike other marine creatures. The fish contains a variety of useful microelements, which cannot be filled or artificially replaced by anything else.

 Grouper should be cooked at once, as it has a short term of fresh storage. To scale the fish is better after heat treatment - drop it in boiling water for 10-15 seconds, and then tough scales will easily separate. There is a variety of dishes: good fish soups, gorgeous aspics, divine second courses - baked, grilled, roasted or smoked. The fish has tender pinkish filet, which contains phosphorus, iodine, a little fat, protein. Meat is homogeneous, dense, so it is easy to mince for cutlets, meatballs, nuggets, chops, etc. It is also a wonderful ingredient for sushi and rolls.