Eviscerated red salmon

Red salmon is one of the most valuable, tasty and nutritious representatives of the salmon family. Fishing has taken place for several centuries, but the volumes are strictly fixed, because of what the fish has a sufficiently high price and often exported to markets in Europe and Asia.

 It is sold frozen with a head, of all sizes. For cooking it is enough just to defreeze the fish, its tender meat needs no marinade or further processing, just a little salt, pepper and vegetables to create a culinary masterpiece. The meat is so self-contained that spices can only harm. It is better to add a light side dish of vegetables and a couple of drops of garlic, butter or soy sauce. It is interesting that this fish slightly resembles crabmeat.

Pacific red salmon is more valued due to the high content of protein, amino acids, Omega-3 fatty acids, and micro and macro elements. Meat is useful for both the digestive and nervous systems, fights cholesterol, high blood sugar, strengthens immunity, empowers, and gives good mood.