Headless red salmon

Red salmon is a fish of the salmon family with delicious, juicy, flavorful meat and many useful qualities necessary for a human body. It is quite an expensive delicacy that is most valued in Asian countries; although fishing origins come from the USA, where Indians fished it, dried or ate it raw considering the meat a source of strength and energy.

 Nowadays it can be found on the shelves smoked, salted, pickled, raw or finished fish, but most often, it is eviscerated, headless, frozen. The fish trunk is large enough (the length can reach 80 cm, the weight up to 5 kg), so sometimes it is cut. When a product is selected, note the colour: a good product must have silver scales, straight teeth, a black tail. If the fish is of a raspberry colour with a green head and a strongly put forward jaw, it is better to renounce the purchase. The thing is that this is an individual, who swept the spawn out and lost almost all the fat and nutritional properties of meat. It is usually used as secondary raw materials.

 Red salmon fillet has a complicated natural painting, which looks favorably on a counter in the ice or on a plate as a skilled chef creation. Eviscerated headless red salmon should be just defrozen, scaled and cooked according to one of numerous recipes. It is possible to cook a whole fish or its parts, with the addition of herbs, spices and vegetables. Its juicy meat is perfect with asparagus and white wine sauce.