Headless navaga

In the world, there is only one fish, which causes itchy lips if used excessively - navaga. Soft white meat with dark veins are familiar to everyone since childhood. In winter, navaga is coming close to the shore, where it is caught by many fishermen and in seas fishing is conducted almost all year round.

 The fish belongs to the cod family, but it is quite a small its representative. It is sold frozen, headless, not less than 17 cm.

 To scale the fish is better until it is defrosted, due to its fragile skin and light meat. The most widespread dish is grilled fish, and the most delicious it is, when adding the mixture of pork fat and oils of sunflower, so it is not dietary any more. Another way is marinated navaga. This recipe reached us from old times, when they and soaked the fish in marinade for 2-3 days, and later it was served with mustard.

 Navaga is valuable for its positive influence on a body: it calms the central nervous system, improves immunity, helps to combat with the first signs of skin aging, and also has anti-histamine and anti-inflammatory effects.