Pollack fodder flour

Fish flour is an excellent natural source of useful vitamins and minerals necessary for growth and development of animals. In addition, it is applied as a fertilizer: researches have shown, that on the cultivated soil crops raise much. Also, it is used for feeding fish.

It is made from small fish, which is caught in a net together with big fish and it is not suitable for eating. The product is produced on board a ship, if necessary equipment is available, or in fishery plants.

One of the fish for fodder flour is pollack.The matter is that pollack is valuable for its liver and caviar (canned food from them gained popularity in Soviet time and are still sold); or dried (a favourite delicacy of all beer lovers), fried or boiled (but only large individuals). Therefore, the best application is industrial processing. Production is quite simple: cooking, separating of fat and water, drying, grinding.

Pollack fodder flour is mainly used on farms: nutrient composition makes it possible to fill protein reserves, to enrich animals’ organisms with valuable vitamins and minerals.