Cod milt

Cod is loved by fishermen thanks to the fact that everything can be consumed: caviar, milt, a liver, fillet and a head – all these are sold.

The fish is processed right after catching on the vessel. Some parts are suitable for eating, the others are an excellent raw material for medical, pharmaceutical, agricultural needs.

Very often they are fried with vegetables, nuts and mushrooms. Also, they are good when breaded or baked in the oven. Sometimes they are added in pies or soups. In some countries, the milt is minced to get cutlets, chops and ravioli from it.

Frozen cod milt keeps all the vitamins (a, b, d, e, pp), minerals (phosphorus, zinc, magnesium, iron), as well as newly discovered active compounds, which act as a natural catalyst of immune processes during viral and bacterial infections.