Eviscerated whiptail of different sizes

Whiptail is an oceanic deep-water fish with a body of a snake and a tail of a rat, received widespread use, owing to excellent flavouring qualities and fine characteristics, which allow the use of this gift of the sea not only for gastronomic, but also industrial needs.

Whiptail of all sizes is sold frozen eviscerated, headless, without a tail. Processing takes place mainly on a vessel: caviar and a liver are taken out – these delicacy products can be met in shops separately.

Cooking whiptail is a real pleasure. Before cooking the fish should be defrozen without using a microwave or hot water to not spoil gentle fillet. It possesses aqueous structure, so it can decrease and become dry while frying. It is better to add vegetables, spices, but not too tart thin, otherwise its unique sweetish smack will disappear. This fish has “A” vitamin, useful eyes, “B” vitamin for the immune system, calcium for a proper acid-base balance, manganese improving growth and progress of cells, as well as easily digested fiber. The fish contains about 50 kcal and 0.5 gr of fat/ 100 gr.