Frozen eviscerated headless whiptail

Whiptail is a surprising fish, famous for its nutritious fillet, caviar and a liver, which surpasses even cod caviar on fat containing. Its diet meat of white color with a pink shade contains about 50 kcal / 100 gr. It contains lysine, methionine and tryptophan, which form perfect fiber digested by an organism for 1,5 hours, giving much energy. The fillet is rich in phosphorus useful for growth of bones, so, the fish is recommended for children, elderly people, and pregnant women.

It is sold frozen eviscerated, headless, without a tail. If this fish was frozen more than once, refuse the purchase. Before cooking the fish should be defrozen without using a microwave or hot water not to spoil gentle fillet. It possesses aqueous structure, so it can decrease and become dry while frying. It is better to add vegetables, spices, but not too tart, otherwise its unique sweetish smack will disappear. Any method of cooking is suitable, however, the best methods are stewing, baking or steaming, which help to keep useful nutrients.