Thread-fin bakeling carcass

Another valuable fish from the cod family is thread-fin bakeling. It is sold frozen eviscerated or non-viscerated. It is a diabetic low-calorie product. It is recommended to children, pregnant women, elderly people.

Thread-fin bakeling has very gentle white meat, full of minerals and microcells. Large quantity of vitamin PP helps to lower the level of cholesterol, to improve metabolism; vitamins of B group stimulate muscular activity, remove pains in legs, nervous pressure, excessive reduction of muscles, which does not allow a body to relax completely.

To clean this fish is very easy: the scales are soft enough, pliable, elastic, the meat does not crumble during cutting and does not contain little bones. Thread-fin bakeling can be cooked in all possible ways: boiled, stewed, added to soups, pies, sauces and salads. However, the best way of cooking is baking. This fish can be kept frozen for a long time.