Slope wings

Marine slopes are interesting, graceful, very beautiful animals, suitable for eating. The most widespread delicacy is wings, which has a lot of meat, useful substances, amino acids and microcells. It is sold in a frozen type.

If you have not tried gentle meat of a slope – you have lost much. Not only housewives are eager to try slop wings, but also chefs of the best restaurants! Juicy, boneless, snow-white meat is the best delicacy for any celebration.

To cook wings of a frozen slope is very simple: it is necessary to let them defreeze, and then to use any recipe of cooking fish. It is better to cook slopes with vegetables and spices: smells mix up, meat absorbs aromas of spices and thaws in the mouth. In France wings of a slope, fried with breadcrumbs, are very popular – they turn out crackling, but gentle, with a thin fish smell. And in Sweden and Denmark they use the product alternatively to lobsters (their tastes are identical).

Meat of a slope is low-calorie and contains the whole range of useful micro and macrocells: iron, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, etc. In addition, it has a lot of iodine and fiber necessary for proper work of a thyroid gland and a digestive system.