Boiled-frozen opilio crab

Boiled frozen limbs of opilio crab are a fine snack for any table. It has a huge quantity of vitamins, minerals useful micro- and the macrocells necessary for normal functioning of an organism. Also, it is an excellent base for cooking semifinished products and canned food: tasty, nutritious, useful.

To defreeze limbs is better in a natural way, without using hot water or a microwave. However, be careful: moisture allocated while defreezing has a tart smell and can be easily absorbed by surface or things, so it is very hard to wash off or remove, therefore use packages or old dishes. Crab meat can be consumed right after defreezing. Owing to fragile fibers, but dense consistence fillet is easy to cut or tear by hands for salads, soups, pizzas, paste. The delicacy forms perfect mix with a lemon, cheeses, greens, alcohol.

Crab meat is very nutritious and useful, it contains a lot of fiber (16 %), vitamins of all groups (A, B, C, PP), minerals (iodine, iron, calcium, magnesium), it does not contain carbohydrates, and is considered a diet product: 100 kcal/100 gr.