Tanner crab

Tanner crab is a type of crabs living in the Pacific Ocean. Its meat is gentle and sweetish. Its snow-white fillet is fine both as a separate dish, and as a component of many dishes: soups, salads, pies, pizzas, etc.

Boiled-frozen ready-to-eat limbs are available in shops. The tart original taste provides a perfect possibility to combine crab meat with other products, not interrupting it, a feature appealing cooks all over the world. In Italy they consume carbs with cream-citric sauce, in Japan they add crabmeat to soups, sushi, sashimi, and in America grilled limbs are very popular – it is tasty and spectacular. Esthetes can use fillet as an ornament for various dishes: white meat has dense consistence that allows locating it in various "poses". It is possible to make tremendous paste from this delicacy that can be laid out in a small dough basket, used as stuffing of an éclair or smeared on bread – fancy it is not limited.

Crabmeat has not only excellent culinary characteristics, it is also useful for health: it contains iodine, magnesium, potassium, phosphorus, iron and other useful elements; vitamins A, B, D, E, etc., Omega-3 acids. A plenty of fiber provides fast saturation, therefore the product quite often presents in a diet of sportsmen and in programs of diet meals.