Limbs of blue crab

Blue Crab is the most valuable of all crabs. Its meat is considered a real delicacy: thin delicate taste, an unforgettable marine aroma gained great popularity worldwide. This delicacy is for gourmets, connoisseurs of fine food.

 Boiled-frozen ready-to-eat limbs are sold. There is not less than a thousand diverse recipes of cooking: the French cuisine offers an exquisite soup with crabmeat, the Mexicans cook spicy rice with pickled crab and vegetables, in England they cook light rolls with lettuce, and the Japanese cuisine offers raw crab meat. In Russia crab meat often serves as an ingredient for salads, or rarely serves an independent culinary masterpiece. The product is very light and unpretentious, so cooking it is a real pleasure: it takes less than 5 minutes; grilling takes 10-15 min. Its white meat with a specific spicy flavour contains a lot of useful nutrients, polyunsaturated and Omega-3 acids, positively affecting an organism. This dietary product has almost no fat and no carbohydrates, so it can be included in any weight loss program. Besides, the meat is very nutritious, so even a small portion quenches hunger.