Golden king crab

Golden king crab is remarkable for its large size and has twice as many spikes than, for example, king crab. It is a deep-water resident, which affects its appearance: long thin legs and a rather flat carapace. Boiled-frozen ready-to-eat limbs and canned meat are sold.

 Juicy white meat has a strong marine flavour, indicating a large amount of iodine, useful for an organism in general and thyroid in particular. Used as a separate dish or as an ingredient for soups, salads, pastas, etc. It has a specific aroma and a distinct taste that allows combining it with many products.

Crabmeat is a pure protein with a low fat content and no carbohydrates. Overuse can lead to stagnation of the digestive system. Regular moderate consuming helps the correct functioning of metabolism. Meat contains lipids that give 'rapid' energy, so it is easy to get saturated very fast; also it contains taurine, affecting acuity and strengthening of blood vessels and muscles.