Fresh-frozen limbs of king crab

Crab is the oldest animal on the planet, with more than 180 million years. It is found in all seas on all the continents, it is considered a delicious delicacy. It is served in the best houses in Europe and Asia, luxurious restaurants.

The delicacy can be used completely differently: added to soups, salads, hot dishes, served in a pure form, baked and boiled. Grilled limbs look exotic.

The tart original taste provides a perfect possibility to combine crabmeat with other products, not interrupting it, a feature appealing cooks all over the world. Crabmeat can be with vegetables and spicy cheese.

Before use fresh-frozen limbs must be thermally processed or cooked. Raw limbs should be put in boiling salted water. Cooking should take 5-10 minutes, and then limbs should be removed and cleaned from a carapace. Crab does not tolerate long thermal processing, or the meat becomes 'rubber', loses some nutrients. If you have digested the limbs, let them boil 30-40 minutes: the fillet will once again become soft and juicy, but vitamins and microelements in it will be kept in an insignificant number.