Commander squid

Commander squid is a small cephalopod mollusc (up to 40 sm at length), possessing gentle meat, which is used for cooking a huge quantity of dishes, both independent and as an additional component for salads, snacks or soups (especially frequently in Japan). It is very widespread in Asian countries; it is a usual ingredient of a wide range of recipes of the Korean, Chinese, Japanese cuisines.

Properly frozen squid concedes nothing to fresh one: neither flavouring qualities, nor nutritious properties. To defreeze squid is better without using a microwave oven or under cold water; hot water will paint meat and make it rigid.

Scaling squid is a tiresome process: it is necessary to separate lamina from fillet, carefully wash out interiors and to get rid of an ink bag and special "tubules". However, to cook this mollusc is a pleasure: cooking takes not more than two minutes (otherwise, the meat becomes like "rubber"), then it can be eaten. Unlike other kinds of squid, commander squid has no ammoniac smell, therefore it does not require additional processing (watering or pickling). It is interesting, that the smaller an individual is, the more gentle its meat is.

Squid does not contain any cholesterol and fat, is rich in fiber, phosphorus, iron, potassium, etc. Regular use assists a proper metabolism.

It is sold scaled or non-scaled, with skin, fins and feelers or without them. The shelf life of properly frozen squid is 10 months.