Feelers with a head of commander squid

Commander squid is a cephalopod mollusc consisting from a body, feelers, fins, internal organs with a special bag and tubules for spraying ink. After catching fillet is separated from a head with feelers and they are frozen, therefore all nutritious properties and qualities of meat are kept.

Industrial processing gives delicious snacks from "scraps" of the mollusc: dried, smoked, pickled, salty feelers are a favourite delicacy of millions people on the whole planet. It is possible to cook them as a hot dish or a salad: fresh cut feelers with a head are easy to buy and it will save money.

To defreeze squid is better without using a microwave oven or under cold water; hot water will paint meat and make it rigid. Properly cooked feelers should be white, soft, easily chewed. They can be preliminary separated from each other (for example, for salad). This mollusc can be boiled, fried, baked, etc.