Black halibut caviar

Halibut black is the most common type offered for sale. It is a valuable species and an important component of the diet of any human being - unsurpassed taste qualities, combined with a mass of useful features made it famous throughout the world. The fish is known all over the world. In Japan it is used as an ingredient for sushi, sashimi rolls.

Halibut caviar is also suitable for consumption. The taste can match with salmon, but is not a delicacy, and more accessible to an average buyer.

 It is believed that black halibut caviar is also black, but it is not true. The natural color is always beige with a pinkish tinge.

The caviar is processed on a vessel right after catching. Then it is salted and frozen. If the equipment allows, shock frost can be applied, thus, a consumer receives a fresh product, which is easily separated from the roe and represents a savory snack. It is full of fiber and amino acids.